15.6 inch IPS Laptop Intel N5105 Gaming Notebook Gamer Business Office 16GB RAM 1TB SSD Windows 10 Netbook Portable PC Backlit


Price: 15 - 10

Light notebook

It is suitable for smooth offhce, learning design and entertainment games.

Core of the Strong Performance Athletics

Equipped with a new processor, four cores and four threads, the powerful performance is further improved, while the work efficiency is improved, it also brings an amazing and exciting entertainment experience to you, giving you unimaginable power, and multitasking work faster.

Meet more software needs

Strong performance, easy to control the task program and open more processing,
Satisfy graphic design, business office, game entertainment, etc.

High color gamut IPS full screen

5mm micro-frame real full-screen 15.6-inch 1920*1080 iPS ultra-clear screen, making the picture more delicate

Thin plastic body

The fuselage is built with multiple processes, showing a simple and trendy texture, and the fuselage is as light as 1.6kg. As thin as 15mm, it is portable and easy to travel, enabling efficient working mode anytime, anywhere.

A New Realm of Touch ID Security Fingerprint is password

No need to enter the login password, just touch the fingerprint sensor with your finger.You can log in conveniently and securely,Effectively prevent password leakage!

Engineering full-size keyboard

With independent small number backlit keyboard
Carefully adjust the key distance and percussion elasticity, plus the backlit keyboard, make the hand feel more comfortable.

Upgraded oversized touch panel
High-sensitivity touchpad with larger touch area.

6 seconds to boot quickly refuse to wait

The 16GB RAM+SSD high-speed solid-state drive increases the booting and game loading speed by more than 4.5 times, greatly improving the operating efficiency, easily controlling multitasking, and rejecting stuttering.

Dual-band WIFI+Bluetooth

The advantage of dual-band Wi-Fi devices is that they have stronger and more stable Wi-Fi wireless signal transmission speeds, and make wireless devices more power-efficient

Equipped with large battery for long-lasting battery life

The large-capacity battery is full of energy, and the long lasting power guarantees long-term use, giving you a perfect entertainment experience.

Abundant interfaces can be connected at any time

Equipped with a wealth of high-end interfaces, it is no longer limited in the process of use, allowing expansion at will.

The original keyboard is in English. We use laser engraving in other languages, some of which are stickers, please contact or note the corresponding language after placing the order. The operating system of our device supports multiple languages.

The actual available storage space is not equal to the number written. The reason we can explain is that the software configuration will take up part of the storage space.
*We cannot accept disputes about RAM/ROM differences.

After sale
If the product has any problems within 7 days after receiving the package, please contact our professional customer service, please provide us with a video proof, we will solve it for you, and we will provide a replacement or refund after confirming the problem.

About taxes
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About delivery
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